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Memorial Day Smoke at the campground

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going camping this weekend for the holiday. Been looking forward to this for weeks. Here's what i got planned

- 10 lb pork shoulder (just did one 2 weeks ago but it was $0.99 per lb and i couldn't resist)

-1 pork breakfast fatty (stuffed with a softboiled egg)

-2 other fattys - 1 pork, 1 turkey, stuffed with whatever im in the mood for/whatsever in the fridge when i prep on thursday.

-2 Dozen ABTs - it's my first experiment with ABTs. filling with cream cheese and grounded beef with breakfast sausage seasoning, wrapped in bacon.

i'm going to try to use my rib rack to hold the peppers. definitely will take pics if it works out.

I will try to get the Q-view up on monday or tuesday
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sounds like u gonna be the envy of the campground.can't wait for pics.
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Looks you'l be pulling watch on those goodies!
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Hmmm....I think I might go camping too, I'll definately look for ya..biggrin.gif

Your smoke sounds great!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Can't wait for the q-view! Rib racks worked great for my peppers this weekend
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I bet you're going to be the most popular camper at the campground.

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i've switched to ribs instead of the shoulder. the campground doesn't allowed fires or grills to be going after midnight, so i just won't have enough time to finish it. Ribs are quicker.

prepped the ABTs last night. a local mexican restaurant hooked me up with some gigantic jalapenos and i picked up a poblano too. I also stuffed 1 pepperocini to see how that would turn out. I'm suprised at how easy the stuffing (cream cheese and ground beef seasoned with breakfast sausage seasoning from penzys) piped in. I figured it would be messy but they filled right up. Bacon on top. They should hang perfectly on my rib rack.

can't wait for tomorrow. im outta work in 90 minutes and the beers are gonna flow once i start trimming ribs.
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Sounds like a great feast to be had at the campground. Good luck with the smoke and post some q-vue if you can!
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Now that's camping!! I am going to have to start taking some lessons from that. I can only imagine who and what you'll be attracting to your campsite. Can't wait for the q-view.
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You aren't going camping, you are going cooking...LOL...Sounds great, wish I had a spot right next door...Enjoy your weekend.
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try calling a coyote while waiting..if the call don't work the aroma will bring em safe..
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Where yall goin? I'll load up the Travco an meets ya there! Good luck and may the smoke god smile upon yer cooker!
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