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Need help choosing a new smoker

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Ok, the fiance' is wanting to get me a new smoker for my 40th b-day next month. We've talked about getting two or three different brands in the past but never got to the details. Here's the list in no particular order.

1) BGE XL 1100.00
2) Primo equivalent (oval style) 899.00 without table
3) Vermont Castings version of the GOSM. Double walled 304 stainless but almost every thing else is the same as the GOSM. ~600.00 or so
4) Stumps (dreaming big here)

Ok, this being said, I currently don't have a wood or charcoal smoker. I've smoked on an off set and really like it, but have become pretty lazy and like the convenience of the GOSM. However, I'm kinda jonesing for a charcoal smoker. Now I think the budget is 'get whatever you want', but probably less than 1500.00. And the only other consideration is that it would be charcoal or gas. Living in Denver, there is a severe shortage of decent wood to burn as a heat source.

Others are a possibility, but these are the main contenders.
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Damn what a lucky man you are, to have a budget like that for a smoker.....I am not to up on those smokers, except for the vermont castings gosmand the big green egg.....Both seem like great smokers. I like how the gosm is constructed and the quality of it.......But whichever one you get let us know and include pics.......
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Decisions, decisions ... not a bad one for you to make, at that! biggrin.gif

I've never owned a BGE but have met several people that have them and RAVE about them! A little too pricey for a super heavy piece of ceramic but may last you a lifetime.

Good luck, and as Kookie mentioned, let's see pics of the winner!
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The only thing keeping me from getting a BGE is money. There is a guy who has a hotdog wagon near me and he uses one and it makes the best tasting dogs and sausages I've ever had. Go for it !!!
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Thanks guys. I'm really leaning towards the BGE, but I do like the Primo because it is oval and seems like it could hold more meat. However, I don't always do big cooks, usually a butt or two or several racks of ribs. I guess I could fire both the gosm and the bge up 'if I had too' :)

As for being lucky, yeah, she's a pretty good one. Although I think this is as much for her as it is me. She's already wondering what kind of pizza we can make on it, plus I very seldom get to eat much of what I make. Any leftovers go with her to her office and they all pig out.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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Thats great that you have a decent sized budget to work with. Just remember, you don't have to spend it all on a smoker. If you do, you won't have any money left to buy the meat to smoke. LOL
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Well, it's like she said, 'you only turn 40 once'. And it's not like it doesn't get used. Just about every weekend, plus some during the week either the grill or the smoker is fired up and chugging along. Plus, any of these should last the rest of my life from everything I've read about them. I'd really like a Stumps, but that is just not in the budget.
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What a dilemna huh biggrin.gif

You thought about the chargriller duo. A charcoal and gas grill in one unit. Add a sfb and you have a smoker too.
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I just looked at the Duo. Problem is I have a pretty decent grill (gasser VCS-5016) and was looking more for dedicated smoker.
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I think ya should talk to BBQ Bubba and get that red one with the winged emblem on it, myself ;{)
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Now Rich, that'd be just a waste of money because I'd be way too tempted to use it as a target for the the ol .308. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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That right there is funneeee!icon_smile.gif
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With out question. go for the Backwoods Party.
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