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Wife bought me another smoker

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I pretty new here and I have been using an ECB. I was telling her about an offset smoker I saw that I liked. Well, she went and got it for me today. She said it was an early Fathers Day present. I love it!

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Nice looking present, your wife must really enjoy what you've been smoking! Get that thing seasoned and fire up some grub! biggrin.gif
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Hey, that's a nice lookin' smoker. Now you have to dull and dirty it up making some awesome dinner! That's real sweet of your wife surprising you with it as a father's day gift. My wife gave me my smoker for my birthday last year.
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Cool! open 'er up and give us the money may need mods al'a the chargriller/SNP ilk...

and kiss yer wife!
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Yep, hug her , kiss her. That's cool.
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that real cool of her, u need to smoke somethin good for her!!!
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Congrats on the new smoker...................Great looking unit..................
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You better keep her. and you must be doin a good job on the smokes. She will get points on the first Q-View.
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Lucky guy. All I get for farther's day is a 6 pack. No not beer, a 6 pack of socks.

Congrads on the new smoker. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about the smokes.
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Nice rig!!! Wish my wife would get me another smoker for fathers day.
Hurry and fire it up and give us some qview.

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Congratulations..... That's a great present!cool.gif
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Congrats on the smoker and the wife.biggrin.gif
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Nice looking smoker, It looks as if u have something electrical hooked up to it ?
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Now that's a keeper, oh yea you wifey is too. Congrats one the new toy, you are a lucky guy. let's see the "Q-VIEW'S"
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Well, its all seasoned and ready to go for this weekend. What should I smoke in it first?
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