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pork butt,beans and slaw with QVIEW

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hello, what a smoke last nite/today. smoked a 11.5 lb butt, my first. lathered in mustard and covered with jeffs rub. put in smoker last night and smoked all nite at almost 250 deg. i fell asleep so missed a couple cks but all was well in am st round 250. hit 163 deg and wudnt budge for long time, finally took off again and it hit 195 at 3:30 this afternoon-wow (good example of smoke by temp not time) also made dutches beans-another first and another members coleslaw. was all great!!! thks to the individuals that helped. that why this such a great site. here some pix, to bad you cant enjoy as much as i did....

raw material-all 11.5 lbs

with jeffs rub after mustard

into the thin blue yonder
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erain - that is an awesome looking smoke you have there, definitely one to be proud of!
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added the beans this morn(cud have waited) ended up keeping warm until butt got off its butt and got away from 163...foiled and wrapped for hour or so,its fallin apart...pulled pork sammies with dutches beans and lisas coleslaw. and leftovers.

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Yum! Nice smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Nice job, welcome to the wonderful world of "butt watchin". All that grub looks really good.
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Man....hungry again. Great job erain.
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Great job erain! Looks like the butt just about exploded when you unwrapped it!
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Looks yummy. I'll have to try that menu sometime soon.

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Lookin good erain, good thing I just had a big helping of Dutch's beans or I probabley would have licked the image off the screen.
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Mmmmm...great job erain! I knew I shoulda had breakfast this morning, now I'm starving. lol
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Beautiful job!

What slaw recipe did you use?
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erain - those finished results were mouth watering! Excellent looking pulled pork and beans!
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Mighty fine vittles erain, mighty fine indeed!
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Erain, that's great. I bet it was Yummy.
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Now that's the kind of grub I'm talkin' abouticon_exclaim.gif . Hope you got a miserable on Dutch's bean as I did! Had to make another pan yesterday just to see if I could get as full. It worked!
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