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new smoker

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well i found my dream smoker a oklahoma joe.....
i have been wanting one of these for a long time but could not shell out the $500 for it..but i found one on craiglists this smoker which belong to a lady bought it last june but did not know what she got herself into...she was grilling with it hardly using the firebox but for a ashtray...needless to say i pick it up for $200 and its practically brand new....
seasoning now since it probably was never done...i'm impressed as u can see it is holding its temp well the side with the firebox is not far from the gauge on the exhaust side....i think i got a good deal...now i need to buy some meat and really put it the works......
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DP - great find on Craigslist, that can be a pretty good site! Looking forward to the virgin smoke on that thing!
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Congrads on the newly used smoker.
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Good deal man. You will enjoy I am sure.
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Congrats on the new smoker..........Damn good deal too...........
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Congratulations! You have a serious new smoker. Got a real nice firebox.
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