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First Stuffed Fatty

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Tryed a stuffed fatty today for the first time. Stuffed it with mozarella, shredded potatoes, mushrooms and scrambled eggs. Kind of got off to a rough start . . .

. . . too much stuffing and not enough fatty. But I mashed it together and put it on.

Got some TBS going . . .

After about 1-1/2 hours, end to end temps were within 6 degrees.

Pulled it off at 170 o'clock wink.gif

and sliced a couple of hunks off.

Came out okay. Could have used a little more smoke but after the creosote ribs, I am trying to err on the side of "too little" instead of "too much" smoke. No wind to fight with and I established a much deeper bed of coals so temp control was much easier. All in all . . .not a bad smoke.

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lookin good, i could mow down a couple chunks of that right bout now.
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important thing is how it tasted. how did the eggs turn out get tuff or stay nice and soft???
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Looks good. Had some leftover fattys this noon.
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Good looking first fattie!
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The eggs turned out pretty well, although it was hard to find them as I removed some of them so I could get it to roll up. but the ones that were left were nice and soft.

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Its always fun trying new things. Looking good.
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Great fatty. I still need to try these one day.
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Sounds like a tasty treat to me, thanks for the Q View.
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Looks great Dave!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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