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My first brisket :)

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Thank you all for your help with the charcoal basket and suggesting I use the SmokyOkie method for the brisket. It came out amazing...
I could not resist trying my hand at a FATTY....I had a huge advantage because peeps around here have never heard of a fatty so they had nothing to compare it too. I had my first fatty a couple of weeks back at The Stagecoach Festival.
My first fatty was so WICKED icon_evil.gif
Due to repeated requets from cabana boy I will be making another one today to go with our beer butt chicken.....WOW
Here are some q-vues ENJOY :)

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Mighty fine lookin vittles!
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Dang very nice! :{) POINTS for the newbie!
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Nice looking smoke, Goddess! Briskets are something I'm intimidated by and it's nice to see yours turn out so well.

Great job!
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I know what you mean! I was really terrified of this tough huge piece o' meat! But I figured if it did not work out I could whip something else up for the peeps that were coming over!
I can't wait to do it again, that SmokyOkie method really rocked too, I let it get black just like the recipe said ~ it really worked like a charm!! go get er!!
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Nice to see another member that has tried and likes Smokie Okie's seared brisket method. Congrats on a successful smoke !!!
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Great job, my favorite meat PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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thanks for sharing your brisket smoke. i havent done one yet but you sealed the deal that when i do i will be using the smokieokie method or a variant of it. thanks bbqg for the great qview!!!!
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Great lookin' Q, let the fear be behind you.
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