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london broil happy smoke

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I'm so excited for the holiday weekend approaching that I had to throw something on the ecb to hold me over. Publix had london broil cuts on sale for $2.49/lb so I bit and bought a 2# piece that was 2" thick!

Marinated the london broil for approximately 36 hours and brought to almost room temperature before throwing on the grill to sear 4 minutes per side. Using a recent post by Abelman that had a pan of veggies underneath the meat to catch the juices and cook the veggies, was an idea I stole for my smoke. Went to a local farmers market and bought some purple peppers (of the green pepper family) and a couple red/green peppers. Sliced them up, in addition to a big vidalia onion, and bathed them in an equal concoction of: water, worchestire sauce, and A-1 sauce. Greased up some potatoes and dashed on some Janes crazy salt, and created a happy smoke for this fine Sunday.

Took pictures of the modified (my sloppy version) of CinnamonKCs' minion method, and was going to use Steve's suggestion to add a brick but didn't have any ...

Lots of pics, will post the finished ones soon. Enjoy!

LB in dish awaiting marinade

2" thick!

LB swimming in mojo marinade

Purple and red/green peppers

Sliced onions and peppers, awaiting lb juice

Sloppy modified minion method with veggies awaiting chimney of smoke

Seared LB with potatoes and veggie pan, ready for smoke!

LB and potatoes
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We will all be waiting for the final results!

Lookin' Goooood!

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Sigh.... How did I miss a girl like this!?!? :{)
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Just pulled the big boy off the smoker at an internal temp of 140, and foiled, toweled, and is in the cooler. The veggies and taters are still cooking but will let the meat rest at least for the next 90 minutes.

Monte/Ken - thanks for the comments.

Rich - sweetie, you know we'd just fight all the time during hockey season biggrin.gif
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looking great Laurel-i want to know how the sear worked out k?looking foward to more pics.
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Sounds good, look forward to the results.
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that looks good, looks like that mojo marinade looks really intresting. grt job!
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That mojo marinade is a generic store-brand bottled marinade. I have yet to make the homemade stuff as I'm cutting corners where I can to save a little $ (mojo = $1.49 per bottle).

Pulled the sucker outta the cooler and took some pics. Sliced it really thin and noticed a thin smoke ring, but an even thicker marinade ring. The meat was juicy as anything and I must attribute it to searing the meat first. I'll definitely be searing all cuts of beef before smoking, going forward.

The veggies were awesome and I did forget to mention all of the ingredients in the "veggie brine" that they cooked in. Here are all of the ingredients in the brine:

equal parts: water, worceshtire sauce, A-1 steak sauce (regular flavor), burgendy wine, and a few tsp of cayenne red pepper.

Loaded the sliced beef and veggies on a french hamburger roll and topped with montery jack jalepeno cheese, stuck in the oven until the buns got crisp and the cheese melted.

I WILL BUY LOTS MORE LB AND MAKE THESE SAMMIES AT LEAST 2X PER MONTH!!! Owe it all to the stuff I've learned on SMF ... Thanks!!

Smoked veggies in veggie brine

Rested lb ready for slicing

Sliced lb

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That looks fantastic-1 heck of a beef smoke today girl-maybe next is a brisket??-sammies look great-points to ya for a job well done!
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shh ....don't tell my wife.....but.....i think i am in love.....
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great job......
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Why you PHREAK PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif, I'm flattered!

Bob - I'm definitely going to graduate to a brisket smoke the weekend after Memorial Day (since that's the next payday). After reading all I can about the mighty brisket smoke I feel as though I'm ready for the challenge!
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Looks really awesome! I like the tape measure pic, puts things in prospective. I have been pigging out all day, but I have to admit, I am drooling over your final pics!!!!
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Been on the road all day, nuthin but road crap to eat for 9 hours. This post is making me crazy! Great job!
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Leftovers - even better

Just made some MORE sammies, the veggies get better as they sit in that brine! Definitely an easy cut of meat to smoke for any newbies out there!!
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