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Just removed a very large, very old, very dead rosemary plant from our herb bed. This bush was nearly 4' tall and has a trunk and branches approaching 2" in diameter. Maybe more. Was thinking of using it for smoking some chicken or pork or something. I have used fresh rosemary on hot coals when grilling before with some sucess. Has anybody tried this before?
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Hey, Smoke Freak!

When I lived in a warmer climate I had the pleasure of growing several large rosemary bushes. The leaves, or needles, are a delight to use in so many ways. However, the bush, or tree, is a perennial conifer. The smoke produced by that would will be just awful.

I have burned trimmings from rosemary bushes and that was my direct observation.

Use the usual parts in all the wonderful ways that were intended and toss the wood. It would be like burning a pine tree in your smoker.

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Thanks Monty! Thats why I came here first. I knew someone would know.
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Rosemary is also a great addition to brines, especially turkey! Keep a few clippings of that plant, it's definitely worth keeping!
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