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Beef ribs

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OK, so I have my beef ribs lathered up in mustard and covered in rub. My problem is it is extremely windy today and I don't feel like fighting the wind with my ECB. I am going to attempt to do them on my gas grill and use a foil pouch of wood for smoke. I have 4 burners, so I was thinking of turning on the 2 outside burners to low and placing the ribs in the center.

Assuming I can get the temp around 250*, how long should I cook them? I saw some posts say that the 3-2-1 method is a bit too long for beef ribs. What would you suggest? I was thinking 2-1-1. Thoughts?
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Thanks for the reply.
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i have grill/smoked many ribs on a weber kettle using indirect method. of course this was charcoal with a little wood. and it worked fine so i dont see why it wouldnt work. cant help on temp but wud also think the 3-2-1
or 2-2-1 would work. play it by ear and get it to tenderness you desire.
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Fig - I've got an ecb and live in FL where we've been having some steady 25mph winds this weekend. Haven't had many problems fighting the temps. Might want to move the smoker behind a grill or something outside to keep some of the direct wind off of it if it's a big problem.

Just giving my $0.02 on keeping the smoke alive! biggrin.gif
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