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backs and spares,

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As mentioned in another thread, got a few ribs at Sam's club, and decided to smoke em up for a dinner with guests on tuesday!

this pic is 2 hrs into the smoke, backs to the far right, spares in the center. Took some of the junk trimmings and rolled into a ball, its way back in the corner. We'll see how it all works out. Windy and cool here today, eating lots of oak, and cherry for the smoke!cool.gif
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Looks great. I'm coming over for dinner......LOL
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a few ribs??? a few!!??? Dan, those look like enough to feed a small retirement community! LOL ...

Nice looking grub, am excited to see the results!
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Tastey vittle cap, mighty tastey!
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This is the finished product, still on the pit, about to come off. Not too happy with the amount of meat on these ribs, but I am only having 10 people over so 6 racks will be more than enough. I didn't take any pics of them cut up, cuz I just cut each rack into thirds and stacked em in foil, then into a big freezer bag, to the fridge until tuesday afternoon.

After the ribs were done, I still had alot of fire left and some "check eye " steaks in the fridge, so I dusted them with Daddy Hinkles quick marinade powder, and took the fire up to about 350, and tossed the lil steaks onthe hot side of the Lang, 6 minutes a side, and they were awesome. I wish I would have taken a pic of them, but I didn't.

Everyone have a great week, time for honey do's now!eek.gif
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Them look fine ta me cap! Bring em over, I'll give em a taste test an let ya know!
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yup, look good here as well. great job!!!
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