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Nice job guys. That has to feel good. Great smoke.
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Y'all should be very pround. Outstanding Job!
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Good job men. Congrats!
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Well done on the first place guys PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Way to go!
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Right On!! and Congrats guys biggrin.gif
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Congrats on the first place in Brisket, don't forget to tell them what Cooker you used (you DID get some sleep).

You guys were just too far down the way, and we got in late Friday so we were pretty busy sorry we didn't make it down that way. Found out Habitual Smokers were down there too, there's good friends.

We got a first in Pork, an 8th in Brisket, 14th in Chicken.

We won the People's Choice. And funny, they liked the pork a lot too, we kept having people come back asking for it.

6th overall.

Congrats guys, where you competing next?
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We used the Fast Eddy's cookshack 300 (FEC300) to cook on this round. It worked out well and yes we got some sleep.

Habitual smokers was right next to us and they were really a great group of guys!

How many votes did you get on the peoples choice? we had 41 mostly for the brisket.

I think we're going to the sallisaw comp next.
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Congrats on the strong showing!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I just started a thread on this subject and then came across this onePDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Oh well, I'm proud enough of Team that I'll leave my post up. Thanx for all the kudos folks!

I was smiling! Actually, just totally worn out)

You had a great showing Russ, better than us for sure. The habitual smokers were right next door to us. Good peeps! Don't know how they produce such good Q as much as they drank though. Spose that's the secret?

Sallisaw depends on when my surgery is scheduled. That and when my inventory of Backwoods Smokers shows up. (I'm their newest distrubutor, so if you need one......)

Actually russ, the brisket that we turned was cooked on the Hastybake the next morning. Remember Jeremy?........ Well not really (did I score a gotcha Russ)

I think we were 15th overall, 17th in chix, 33rd in pork, and 20th in ribs(?). That's all from memory, I don't have the tote sheet with me. Maybe Jeremy does.
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We got about 121 votes for PC. 2nd was around 60 or so. They seemed to like us. Normally it's the local teams that get the local vote so we don't even both to enter. Local teams like to win, and they do because they bring all their family and friends out...but they voted for us instead of the locals. HAHA
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