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Greetings from Wisconsin

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Hello All,
Sunday May 18 and too cold for dawn patrol golf due to frost yet again. My old body aches all over from getting my new propane smoker from Sears out of the truck, up the stairs and to the deck. At least assembly was straight forward under the intense supervision of my wife and mother in law.

Hopefully next weekend I will be firing up the smoker for the first time. Will do the seasoning today. This smoker replaces my old Brinkman electric smoker. I have been an occasional smoker for years, mostly due to so little time. I am only at home Friday nights to Sunday afternoons.

I hope this new smoker and these forums will kick start my smoking adventures.
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Welcome to SMF Butter. Up on the deck, eh? Consider getting a sheet or two of the tile backer type cement board to place the smoker on. Not only fireproof, but will stop grease stains to the wood as well. You're playing with fire now...not watts.

Enjoy your time here!
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Welcome Butter

New to the smoking game myself but these guys on SMF are fantastic and helpful.
Did my first Pulled Pork last weekend and god its tasty. Couldnt have done it without the experts on here.

Enjoy good luck next weekend keep rubbin

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welcome to smf butter, like richtee says, at the very least keepin the grease from smoker from getting to your deck. you will love this site great people-great info.
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Hey Bloxer welcome to SMF! Start your own Roll Call forum post and tell us all about you and your smoker, and Merry Olde England!
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Hi Butter, Can't wait to see some of your smoked cheese. Welcome
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Howdy Hi Butter. Glad you found SMF. Lots of good info here, and very good people willing to help. Although I am new on this forum, smoking has been an addiction for a long time, once bitten by the smoke bug you look at food in a whole new way icon_smile.gif
Good luck with your new smoker, would love to read some of your smoking adventures, hopefully with some great q:views icon_exclaim.gif
Happy smokin,
aka Rocky
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Welcome to SMF. Lots of good folk here to answer any questions that you may have. The folks here just love to share their knowledge and experience.
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welcome lots of great advise here where you at from wisconsin?
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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome to the forum. Its a great place. Enjoy it.
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Welcome aboard Butter......Congrats on the new smoker.........
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