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The Ribs Are On Qview

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I have been a smokin' fool since I got my MES Thursday.
My very first try at a fatty was a success. Last night was smoked Salmon burgers and baked beans, no pics, sorry. Everything has been outstanding.

I bought a Rib Loin yesterday from Albertsons for 1.49 a pound. I had the butcher remove the chine bone and here it is.

I boned the loin next.

Here is the loin.

Next is the rib.

I guess I forgot to take a pick of the loin, you get the idea.

I rubbed with yellow mustard, Yoshida's marinade (from Sam's) garlic powder, lemon pepper, brown sugar and a dash of sea salt.

After 1 hour of smoke I spritzed with apple juice.

I has been over 2 hours and as soon as the smoke stops I'll foil with apple juice. Because of time, someone can't wait to get her hands on the bones, I'll just finish on the Webber with some KC Masterpiece sauce, brown sugar a dash of Tabasco and some chili powder for good measure. A couple of corn on the cobs, along with a side of beans, and that's it.

Ready To Foil, I doub't she will be able to wait till they are tender, so she will have to eat some chewy ribs, we'll see. She is alraedy asking how long?

Oh, a Fatty for good measure.

It is very hard to cook here with the altitude, hell, it takes 20 minutes for pasta instead of 8.

Everything came out perfect, the pics suck and don't show the true colors, etc. For the first weekend smoking with a REAL smoker it was a total success.

I do like things a little crispy and maybe some pics looked burnted, believe me they were not.
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get them pics comin dude, sounds like you gettin a little outta hand. you are keeping some meat market very
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I am outa hand. It's called a smoke addiction.

To think I have 3 websites and can't figure this qview thing out.
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Just Had A Mishap

I was loading some wood and the loader thingy broke it's welds. Call Sam's in the Am.

The ribs were awsome!!!

Will post qview when I figure it out.
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I got it figured out, now I'll have to resize them, but Photo Bucket is having issues. I'll get it sooner or later.

I guess you dont need html on to do pictures.

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Qview Is Done

My problem today with PhotoBucket was my screen settings I like everything big and it was blocking some controls with ads. I finally got it I think.
Enjoy the pics it took hours to figure it out.
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Ron, great looking smoke.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Oh No!!

I got a new smoker from Sam's this AM because the chip loader broke the spot welds on the handle, no problem getting a new one.

Tonight the new one broke also @##$. Has anyone esle had this problem?

I am not worried about getting it fixed, their customer service is great.
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Thank you it has been a fun weekend and allso very frustrating.

I'll get it done!!!

Smoki'n gotta love it.
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Great looking grub..........Sorry to hear about your problems with the chip loader braking............
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"Sorry to hear about your problems with the chip loader braking............"

Got a new one coming. She said she never heard of that happening.

What? In one weekend I have it happen twice? They are very good there no questions asked.

I'm satisfied! I get the old one spot welded for a spare.
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Great lookin smoke. Just remember, The Patch will not help you quick smokin. It is an addiction and there is no cure for it.
May all your smokes be thin and blue.
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