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Pig Candy, advice needed!

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I've recently read about Pig Candy, and decided I wanna make some. I got some some thick bacon, and will apply plenty o' brown sugar with some cayenne, and from what I hear, smoked for about an hour or so, and I'll be in hawg heaven.

Anyone got any tips, advice? Will add pics when done.

ready to smoke, more to follow
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smoke it till its crisp..........you will love it
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till crispy or 5 beers, which ever comes first
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LOLOL what HE said
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keep it coming

I'm planning on doing some carne asada for supper, then once done I'll get the bacon started. Charcoal grill to smoker in minutes!

3 beers to go biggrin.gif
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How did it turn out? Need some pics and a report.

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Here it is. Wasn't sure what to expect, but I figured this was as done as could be. Once I got everything stabilized took about 2 hours. After about an hour I drained some of the fat and sprinkled on some more brown sugar.

These are plenty sticky. Hot too! The cayenne is strong with this one

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Looks goooood!!!!

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Thanks! I must say it is different. In a good way, that is. Never had it before so I have nothing to judge it against. Personally I think it might be better with a couple adjustments. I'll try some more again tomorrow only this time I'll try a bit less sugar and cut the time down.

Bacon. What doesn't it go with?biggrin.gif
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Looks real good. Might want to punch two holes in the bacon pan and catch the drippings below in another pan. (keeps smoker clean and bacon not swimming) Just what I like to do. Don't punch to many holes as some grease in required.

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Lookin mighty tastey! Gonna have ta try them!
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I'm gonna have to try use'n a pan once, i normally just strech the bacon out accross'd the grates
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I'm ready to give it another go. Got a shallow pan with the bacon in a perforated pan on top. The bacon is rubbed down with brown sugar and cayenne. I'll try it this way and see how it goes.

My first attempt seemed to do just what you mentioned. It swam in the fat and the sugar, thus the bacon didn't seem to turn out cooked crispy with a glaze. What I ended up with was bacon taffy lol

This looks and tastes better than last nights batch
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My taste buds are wanting some of that after seeing those pics PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks! I think the next batch I do, I think I can get away with a bit more sugar, but for now, it will do as is.
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Looks real good! That made it to the top of my list for next weekend. Well, right behind the loin I'm curing for canadian bacon. But since the smoker's hot...
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Mr. P - for the longest time I've wondered what "pig candy" was. Thanks to your q-vue I now understand what it is, and looks like!! Was it really sweet?
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My first diast...er batch was pretty sweet. More like bacon taffy if you will. This batch was not as candied, and the sweetness was not overpowering at all. Still need to do a few tweaks for that happy medium between the two.

General consensus from my test subjects were positive, so I willl do it again.
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Looks very good. Did you use it in something or just eat it right out of the pan? My grandma used to make the best green beans in a big pot with some taters and lots of chopped up bacon, bet some pig candy would put them over the top!
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Can't believe I missed this one before! I'm guna try that with my home smoked bacon first chance I get! And I though my Chicken Fried Bacon was the worst you could do! That looks great.
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