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2nd Pulled Pork Smoke

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Started my 2nd smoke this morning. It is a 9# Butt and 2 Fattys stuffed with eggs, potatos, and cheese. Had a litle getting my temps on my Char-Griller Pro/ SFB up but now they are a steady 225 deg. I only have 1 bag of Cowboy and a half bag of Royal Oak lump to finish with. If I run out of fuel at what temp do i finish the but off in the oven? Do I foil it if I put it in the oven? Qview will be later. Thanks for any help.confused.gif
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Yall putter in the oven an doit just like yer smoker. Set yer oven fer 225* an finisher off. Had ta do that before when the fuel runs out, Not as much fun as smokin it, but sure do make the house smell good!
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As Tip stated, put er in the oven at 225. You will want it foiled and bring it up to around 200 205. Bring it out and put it in a cooler with towels wrapped for at least 2 hrs. I leave mine in for even longer. Puller out and pull it.
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Here are some pics. The rest will be later.

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Mr Bass I must say you are doing us all proud!

Keep up the good work, stay active on the site and excuse me while I dry up the keyboard! icon_smile.gif

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Nice looking grub! That fatty looks like it was well rested before cutting which makes the photo all the more scrumptious!

Looking forward to finished pics of that butt!
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Finished Pulled Pork

Pulled it at 1AM this morning and just had it for dinner. It came out much better this time thanks to the great help from y'all. Now I have to learn how to make a great BBQ sauce to go with my awsome Pulled pork.

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Really nice looking grub! Glad to hear the 2nd time worked out better for ya!

I've yet to try it but it's the rave around here, it's finishing sauce ... Here's a link ..

Thanks for the q-vue! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yall tried the mahogany sauce listed as a sticky? Mighty fine with that pulled pork and yall can tweak it ter yer likin. I even make it with sugar free jelly. Good eatin!
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Great Job mrbass!!

The finishing sauce sumo posted the link to is dyn-O-mite!
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Looks like you got it going on, Bass. Nice smoke.
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All I can say is bootiful!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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great lookin smoke man, looks like all went to plan!!!
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Looks great. keep up the great work.
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That looks perfect. Good job. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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