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Hello from Omaha

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Hello to all, I'm Gary Liv'n in Omaha. Not much experience with smok'n but I sure have eat'n more than my fair share over the years. Everyone in my family loves spare ribs So... I finally took the plunge and bought a GOSM wide body. Got it assembled and seasond today. Bought some spare ribs and will be smok'n them tomorrow. Thanks for all the great posts they helped me decide what smoker to buy and many great ideas on how to make the best Q. THIS FORUM AND SITE ROCK!!!!!!!!
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Gary...welcome to the smf. Nice folks on here to help with questions you might have. Congrats on the new smoker. Be sure and post some Q-view of your spares tomorrow.

Happy Smokin

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Welcome fellow midwesterner! I have a GOSM as well and love it- You've found a great sight with plenty of talented, helpful people.
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Hia Gary! Welcome to SMF and your new-found addiction... yer done for now! LOL! Enjoy your time here!
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Hi, from so cal!!
I am a greenhorn too I am into hour 3 of my first Smokeyokie Smear method brisket!! Awesome!!!
I am taking pix as I go along, hopefully it will be wonderful, I will let ya all know tomorrow!!
This site rocks, thank you all for the help and pix!!
Wait till you see my homemade charcoal basket!!!!!cool.gif
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I agree with Richtee ... you're done for. Endless info here. If you can't find it, just ask. Good luck tomorrow.
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welcome to smf gary. great site great people. is an amazing rescource!!!
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Welcome to the smf.........Great to have you here with us.....
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GGary, welcome to the best smokin' site on Earth, SMF that is. You'll fit right in with the GOSM.
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Welcome from a "former Omahan"! I've been a new smoker since the beginning of the year - I certainly get more confidence with every smoke and learn something new here every week!
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Glad you found SMF, Gary. It's the best forum on the web with some of the best knowledge, and people, as well!

Check out the "pork" section of the forum, lots of rib threads with plenty of q-vue to show you the pics.

Good luck!
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Glad to see another Omaha'in this is an AWESOME site! Good luck with the spare's,
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The smokn' is going great. Decided to throw a couple of pork butts in with the ribs. We just devoured the first butt. Holy cow that was some good eat'n. Using mesquite with a little peach wood. Everyone in the family thinks it is awesome. Ithink it was a tad salty. Any ideas or am I a just being a perfectionist. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

P.S. You are right I'm hooked wink.gif and soooo glad I finally got started. Will post pics after we eat.
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