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A gracious good afternoon to all...

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This looks like a great site. I've been reading all morning when I should have been working. Anyway, I enjoy smoking, but I am no pro. Just graduated from my third bullett smoker to my first offset firebox smoker, a Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe. That's the one with a tall, rectanguar cooking chamber on the right and a firebox off to the left side. I wasn't really in the market for a new smoker, but strange things happen when you mix liquor and a silent auction;).

I think I'll learn alot here.
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Welcome to the SMF fatback!! Consider taking Jeff's free 5-day smoking'll learn alot just from reading that. Look around the forum and if you have questions there's always someone around who will be happy to give you a hand.
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How can one have a silent auction and liquor in the same area? LOL! No wonder!

Welcome to SMF. As you have seen there is a veritable cournocopia of smoking info here. Search about, and if you still can't fine the info, someone here has it in their head- guarenteed.

Enjoy your time here!
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LIQUOR? Not with this bunch. NOT! Welcome aboard and enjoy!
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Welcome to the smf FatBack. Glad to have ya here. Lots of nice folks here to give you advise and answer your smoking questions. Prolly a good thing they don't auction off women towards the end huh? By that time a guy could be pretty full. I hate surprises...hehehe

Happy Smokin

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Welcome from another new member , tons of reading here , great advise and lots of helpfull folks . You WILL get adicted to this site , and that's a GOOD thing icon_smile.gif
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Welcome Fatback! Get in, sit down, hang-on and enjoy the ride.
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Welcome Georgia Fatback. Good smokes here.
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Welcome aboard...........Glad you joined us here...................
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Welcome to the forum Fatback, glad to have ya here.
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Welcome aboard, lots of good people and ideas here.
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