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Fatty question

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I'm going to try my first fatty this weekend. I have three picky kids and one kinda picky wife.

What do you all recommend that I stuff it with so that everyone will eat it and want me to make it again??
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Whatever all of them agree to like?
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LOL THAT's the $1,000,000 question icon_smile.gif
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OK Anchovies then. Well *I* like them...
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I did 2 last weekend that had black beans, spanish rice, black olives, green onions, enchilada sauce, and a mexican cheese mix, we ate them with tortilla chips. It was a hit I am doing three of them this saturday.
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What Richtee said... majority rules.
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richtee pretty much nailed it, the pizza fatty is pretty tastey and bet bea hit with kids. but whatever you like. next one i try i goig to try mushroom and swiss.
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Took the day off today and am sitting here trying to decide what to put in mine tonight. Think I'll try the pizza fatty too. That sounds pretty good.
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I like to stuff mine with chedder and any other cheese I have, and onions and jap's and mushrooms..............You could always make one that is not stuffed..............
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Mine er kinda picky to, so chedder cheese and bacon, taint never any left overs.
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