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door trim

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I have a smoker made from an old tar wagon and it has a big door on both sides and I was wondering what I could use to somewhat seal these up. I lose quite a bit of smoke and heat through the gaps and it has gotten worse since my little mishap. I was taking it to a buddies last 4th of July and it gave unhitched from the back of my pickup and ended upside down in someones yard at 0500. I was not happy but I managed to bend the doors back most of the way.

Any thoughts would be a big help.

PDT_Armataz_01_39.gif Thanks Robbie
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Then after that use some fiberglass gasket rope.....Either the round rope or the flat tape rope should help fill in ...................
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You migh also find that a welding blanket draped over the smoker helps seal it up (especially if you use pressure).
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