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Would like some input on a small mod.

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After destroying another heat probe by accidentally dropping the door on my lang I got tired of placing the probes through the door. I took some bolts to my metal lathe and hollowed them out. The next step I was going to do would be to drill 3 holes spaces evenly in the back wall of the cooker. I was then going to put in the bolts and weld some nuts into the interior of the cooking chamber to hold the bolts in place but also allow the hollowed bolts to be removed and replaced with solid ones to reduce heat loss. What I am unsure about is heat loss from the extra holes and weather I should weld the nuts in place or use a high heal silicone to form a more air tight seal. I am hoping that some of you guys that have more experience tinkering will weigh in.
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Try Using A 3/4" Watertight Electrical Connector From Your Local Homedepot Or Lowes. You Can Easily Pass 3 To 4 Probes Thru It And You Only Need To Drill 1 Hole And Install . Sorry I Do Not Have A Picture But Someone Will Be By With One. Good Luck!!!!!
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I remember seeing someone had a pic posted of the connector on here......They used it on their cher-griller I believe........But that what I would use too........I would just search the posts on the char-griller mods.............Might of been capt dan...........
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How bout just some .5 in. black pipe..a "nipple". You can buy them pre-threaded at HD 2" or however long. Then get a cap for it. Onlyest tricky part is drilling a hole in the smoker and threading it for the nipple.

Just ya already got the "tube" tho. If it was standard sized you can still use a cap to close it, and have the end and smoker body threaded.
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What Richtee said

That works--I have a threaded hole like that on my warmer"baby" on the Lang. You can use a cork, oak dowel drilled, or even steel wool to seal it up when you have the wires in there, and plug or cap it when not in use. If you use a pipe coupling welded, then the threads will be female receiving a plug. A nipple would receive a cap because of the male threads.

The easiest solution is to file some notches below your cooker door to give your probe wires some more space?

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I don't know, I use a folded up chunk of tin foil and it sits right werever I want the wires to come out. I bring them around each side of the foil"wad" and never have a problem, unless someone drops the lid from a couple feet away!eek.gif Won't mention any names here!icon_smile.gif

If you want to drill a hole into the cooker, I really doubt that a 1/2 inch-3/4 inch hole is gonna make all that much difference, remember that black thing that sticks up from the chamber and is always open like 3-4 inches!icon_smile.gif

here is a pic of the highly scientific aparatus!

I guess you could make up 2 of them and keep the wires in between!
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Dropping was the problem Dan. I have lost a few thermos that way. I got bored today after work today, made one up and put in it. I will let you know how it works and weather or not I have to patch it over or something.
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Here's what yall be lookin fer:

3/4 inch (or 1/2 inch) watertight fittin:

You drill out the center ta give ya more room fer probe wires.

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thats pretty much what I made trav. Just no washer
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Wad of tin foil

Tried it last week for quick fix. Works great and the simplicity cant be beat! I am not saying it is elegant but hey if it works why bother with the mod. Just my opinion and we all know about opinions and holes, in the smoker I mean** cool.gif
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