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That PR looks about perfect. Nice even color and done just right! How was the corn this time of year?
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G - Wow that looks good. Yet another item for the list to try.
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What a feast Crewdawg.....too late to call dibs on any leftovers?
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That looks excellent!! I love prime rib now I'm hungry again!!!!

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Prime Rib.....Delicious

Prime looks great....kudos.
I'm doing one today. About 5 lbs. I used a rub that I use at work for "normal" prime rib.
It consists of "kitchen bouquet" salt, pepper, garlic powder, and, -get this-pickling spice. Very good flavor to it. Just make the pickling spice itno a powder and mix it with the rest of the stuff. Looks like sandy tar, then just give the ol' meat a good massage.
We'll see how she turns out.
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Wow, I've got to try a PR, looks excellent. Prime-Rib is about my favorite cut of beef nowadays, and what I order when we eat out. I can never get a good medium rare piece though, it's usually more medium +.

As far as resting it for 1.7 hours, I'll tell my wife to get the other sides ready and on the warmer on the stove, and have them wait for the PR! biggrin.gif

Great job Crewdawg!
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pime rib in progress

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It's bleeding....Yum!

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That prime rib looks awesome! Given away all my points for the day - I'll owe you!
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Man that looks awesome!!
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