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First try fatty....

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Gave the Fatty a try seeing how that is how I found y'all.Inside added a sharp cheese blend with egg rubbed with a hybrid store bought rub.But it looked lonely so I added a 6lb butt roast on for good measure rubbed down with the same on oak and hickory.No finish pics of the butt it went the distance (13 hours)with one water refill and I was too tired to take pics.I'll try for a full on q-view next time.
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Nice looking smoke on the fatty! How did it taste???
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I wish I found out about those years ago
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LOL yup thats what they all say-everything looks great-good job on your first.
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Mighty fine vittles, mighty fine indeed!
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Looks damn good.............Now you will be hooked on them.............
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fatty wow good job we like em how bout you
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Great job on your first fatty. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Yup, you're hooked! They're so easy and so good!
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