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My First Attempt

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My very first Chicken or anything for that matter of fact.
Success and Failure
Method: New Electric Smoker (a gift) with a full front door.
The big door screws with the temp something awful.
Chicken: 4.5 lbs
Cooked time: 4.5 hours in the lowest rack near the hot plate.
(I didn’t have a thermo. to insert.)
Cooking temps: Up and down from 200 to 275.
Every hour sprayed on Pam for the Grill…(it was easy and fast)
I had to get that door closed.
Brine: I went by the basic one I got here….Tasted fabulous.
The Brine is brilliant. It was Jeff's.
Results: The flavor from the brine saved the day, but the bird was dry.
I wrapped the chicken in foil and let it rest…Not much improvement, so I misted it several times and the moisture helped.
The 5 Yukon Gold potatoes doused with olive oil and 4 large garlic cloves were placed on the top rack for the entire 4.5 hours. They
came out Perfect….Taste, texture, color, garlicy. Yum.
The 3 garlic cloves swimming in olive oil in the foil enclosure on the bottom shelf burned to the foil….Mental note to self: Use the top shelf for the garlic and less cooking time for the bird.
All in all: for my first time, I am very pleased. I made chicken salad this morning. The flavor is great.

I’m off to take the 5 day course….Thanks for all the great and generous advice. I’m going to do a chicken again…practice-practice-practice….biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the SMF. You really need to get a thermometer like Maverick ET-73 and cook to temp. The 5 day course is a great start. Yes, pratice, pratice and you will get to eat you mistakes. Don't forger the Q-VIEW
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What is Q-View? I'm a Newbie here. Navigating this site is daunting. Why should I remember it?
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Tx. great job on the chicken-Q-View is pictures of your smoke-we have a saying in here no pic's It didn't happen!lol-most of us use's real the forum for new members theres a thread on posting pic's-anyhow great smoke and with more under your belt u will only get better-and remember the chicken Always goes on the bottem when smoking on the top rack also-don't want bird juice dripping on your other foods.
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Chicken Q view

We will let you slide on it this time............but only this time. LOL

FWIW I use imagecave for my pics..........there are several good free sites out there.
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Here's a thread that will walk you through how to post QVUE.
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Heh... you'll be the envy of the neighbors in NO TIME! Nice job... POINTS for both honesty, and learning from the experience!
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Welcome to the SMF! Sounds like your off to a good start!
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Welcome to the family................Great to have you here...........
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Welcome to the smf TX. Congrats on getting that first smoke under your belt. You are already learning things to do the next time. As someone has already said, a digital thermometer will definatly help with your smoking process. You will be able to tell the internal temp of the meat which is important.

Don't be afraid to ask questions on the forum. I'm sure someone will come along and have an answer for you.

Happy Smokin

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Great job and nice report. Welcome, you'll be on the road to fame in no time....
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