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short ribs

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i got beef short ribs on now and i never did these was just wondering what temp. is best to cook to. and theres plenty of meat on these to get a probe in ,ty in advance
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If you can use a meat probe then around 190o - 200o for finished internal temp.
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ty cruzen i had a meatloaf with it and was great so if short ribs don't turn out its still a good smoke tyvm
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beef can be cooked rare. So you are not going to have to worry about them not being done. However, when I do ribs of any kind cook them untill then bend in half. Use a pair of tongs to pick them up the long way. Slide the tongs half way up the rack and lift. they will bend all most in half. The meat will start to move up the bones also. I hope this helps. Unless you are going for a pretty picture you could also cut one rib off the end and try it.. : ) that always works for me..
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smoked till they were 167 and they was dang good ty for help
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