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I've recently retired. My mother now lives with me. We live in southwest Austin. My id name comes from my love of water. I kayak the lakes...It's mostly to have picnic and get wet. I'm boomer female who is loving being retired. Recently, I bought an electric scooter and am scoot'em here and yawm....Since a friend gave me a small electric smoker, I am sooo looking forward to using it. Never grilled much or smoked, but I can tell I'm going to love this. So you guys please bare with me. I will have a million questions. This site is so useful and you guys know so much. Thanks for being so generous in sharing.
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Welcome Tx! SMF will have you burning watts with the best of 'em in no time! Enjoy yer time here.
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Ask away! Its a great art to be addicted to. HEHEHEHEHHEHE

Happy to have you aboard, try startin with Jeff's 5-day email course that is packed with info for the starter.

Use the search feature on this site as many topic have been discussed already. That is how I got started, your right this site is packed with info.
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Glad to have you with us, TX. This is the best place to learn anything you need to know about smoking meat. I just started in the beginning of 2008 and have improved my smokes 100%, and owe it to the advice on the forum.

Look forward to helping you out when you need it! biggrin.gif
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Welcome Tx. Your really going to like it here! Don't delay the smoke, jump right in and start this weekend. I recommend you start with a Boston Butt,its almost fool proof. Good luck.

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welcome to the smf... youll be hooked in no time.
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Love that Austin. Welcome. Good luck on your smokes.
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Welcome TX. This is the best site you could have found.
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New Guy


I am so glad I found this site!!! Using a 20 year old Brinkman bullet style smoker??? pretty simple. Got it in college and just did my first wild turkey breast and 2 phesants.... I'm in love.

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Welcome to the SMF!! Ask away, we can help.
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Welcome to the site.......Glad your here..................
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TX-RIO - Welcome. This is great place for noobs. I started last fall with an electric and have gotten way better thanks to the SMF. (I did toast it nicely last weekend but that is another thread.)

As you state, there is lot of great info already here but questions are encouraged.

We like Q-view, too.
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