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Hungarian recipes

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Here is a link to some Hungarian recipes. You can google for translation or if you know somebody, even better. Otherwise, let me know, I muddle through since my grandparents spoke it.

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From one Hunky to another, welcome to SMF.

Now- head over to the Roll Call forum and introduce yerself like yer Mom tought ya to ;{) Smoker type, location, experience, etc. Helps us answer questions, should ya have any!
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SPAM!!! I reported it!
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It's NOT SPAM. It's in Hungarian.
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I grew up eating alot of that WTF. Great stuff!
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You mean Hungarian spam? does it taste good?

Wish it was in english though
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Me too. I have not tried Bablefish or any converters on anything yet. I have alot of those recipes in a book in English. Have posted some family favorites here as well.
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There is a place up in the top right corner that you can click and it will translate the page into German. biggrin.gif

The community I live in I have a much better chance of finding someone who can work with German rather than Hungarian.
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no, last night the person that started this thread and replied to a bunch of others. was spaming. wowgold was the moto link to click on. and warworlds gold.I see that it has been deleted..
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Ahhhh OK...my bad. I actually traded a few emails with the guy...seemed cool... wonder if someone hijacked his acct? Anyway... thanks for the headsup.
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"wowgold was the moto link to click on. and warworlds gold.I see that it has been deleted.."

After reading a few posts with that crap I reported it.
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Not sure Rich, but i do know he has responded on some of my earilier posts.
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Searching the site, I found that if you delete part of the URL and go to http://www.grocceni.com/ there is a pair of buttons in the top right corner that switch between Magyar (Hungarian) and English. You can navigate around from there.
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Thanks TJ!!
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Cool! Check the sausage section..."pigkilling" LOL
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I wasn't spamming. I was trying to share what I found on Hungarian sausages and bacon. I made a batch of the smoked sausage and will share the pics when I upload them from home. I had a woman at church that speaks Hungarian help me out with some of the translations and I am waiting on the local packer to come up with some pork bellies to make regular, Hungarian and paprika bacon. also, kudos to the pork loin links. I made one with an andouille cornbread stuffing. I used Emeril's from food tv turkey recipe. Anyway, what was the spamming in the post? I'm confused on that.
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Evidently a spammer attached a post to your thread...and that post has since been vaporized by the mods... no worries EB :{)
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Anyone know what Galuska is?
Also, they say serve w mixed pickles - what is that? Pickled Veggies?
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Galuska is cabbage and noodles. Here's June Meyer's recipe. I skip the sour cream and ground beef and use a little chopped bacon unless I have some Hunky sausage. Pickled vegetables would go well with it.
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