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Yellow Birch ?

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Got a couple standing dead yellow birch trees at camp 6"-18" at the base.
Thinking I can use them for the c/g for heat with the lump charcoal. A neighbor said you won't get much smoke 'cause they are dead , better off cutting a live one and just letting it season a little.
Anyone try yeller birch ? Burns good in the woodstove ,but how about the side fire box ?
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Dang , I was hoping for a comment on using standing dead birch trees for smoking and all I get is a gol-dang spammer icon_evil.gif
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Thanks TH
So as long as they are not rotten , I should be able to use them for heat and a little flavor it sounds like.
I want to try using some wood for heat along with the lump coal. Next time I go up to camp to feed the black flies , I'll grab some and give it a go. I was just worried because they are standing dead , not cut live and seasoned.
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Dry is dry, they just seasoned standin up. Should work fine, I see birch is on the list a smoken woods. I'd try it, maybe make up a fatty and smoke it over the birch. Let us know how it comes out, like ta try it myself, few birch trees round here from time ta time.
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