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Smoked Duck

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After reading about all of the great Mother's day feasts you all were preparing yesterday, I decided to smoke a duck. This was a domestic duck..not wild.

I used my old horizontal with some apple wood ...put some apple juice in the drip pan. Rubbed the duck with butter and seasoned with kosher salt and cracked black pepper.
I wanted to keep the seasoning simple so I could use the leftover smoked duck in some gumbo........trying to plan ahead.biggrin.gif

I found some scallops in the freezer so I seasoned them, wrapped them in bacon and threw them in the smoker too.

The duck came out very moist and tasty...
I even broke out the good paper plates. biggrin.gif

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and I didn't even get an invite for dinner. You break my heart yet again ;)
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I woulda invited ya, but I knew you were fishin....biggrin.gif

You can come on over for the smoked duck and andouille gumbo.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Poor Daffy! Just kidding; good lookin' grub Moo-Chick!

Could you talk about the scallops a bit? How long and all of that jazz. I could see them getting rubbery reall quick. I'm assuming they were good; I doubt you could cook a bad meal.
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Thread Starter was Donald.

Thanks Geek! I put them in the smoker when the duck looked about half way finished....probably smoked them for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I took them out first and let the duck sit in the smoker while the heat died down.

Do not know if it was luck or what, but they didn't come out rubbery and the duck was nice and
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Always enjoy your posts cowgirl. I love duck, as I am a dark meat junkie! Gotta try the scallops too.
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nice lookin duck patty!!!!
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That duck looked awesome Patty. Something else I have to try this fall when huntin season opens.
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Dang Patty...that duck sure looks good. I would like to try one in the smoker, but will have to wait until next fall. The scallops look good also and I will have to keep that in mind for a future smoke.

Thanks for the Q-view

Happy Smokin

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Can't say I'm a duck fan but i sure would try your bird. Awesome looking spread.
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Thank you all for your kind words. smile.gif I appreciate em!

The duck gumbo is on hold, I had to put the leftover smoked duck in the freezer until I get the time. Hope it still comes out ok..... I'll let ya know.biggrin.gif
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Cowgirl, that is an excellent smoke!
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Thank you very much
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Lookks great Cowgirl

Duck gumbo? havent tried that yet, but I guess i'm a sucker for the classic sausage, chicken and tasso Gumbo. Let me know how the gumbo comes out.

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Those scallops look to die for. I have only recently tried scallops and fell in love with them instantly.

That looked great.
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Good looking smoke cowgirl. How does domestic duck compare to wild? I've never tried it.(no fowl jokes either!icon_smile.gif )
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Thank you
Greg, I'm a sucker for shrimp gumbo...biggrin.gif Hmmm, not sure if I met a gumbo I didn't like. lol

John, aren't the scallops great! They are one of my favorite things to smoke....

L, I like both wild and domestic, but the domestic duck has a lot of meat and it's pretty tender. Hope you give them a try
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Was this a skinned duck ? I have 2 Pekins, I'd like to try to smoke at least 1. But he wants to skin them I am trying to figure out . The best way to go about smoking them and not ending up having them dry out

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