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Mothers day pork a thon.

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First off.. I can't find my darn camera. So no q-views today.

I had four full racks of bb's and a 10 lb butt. We'll do the ribs today, and pulled pork tomorrow.

Put them all on at 12:00.. did the 2-1-1 method for the ribs, and boy were they good. Even had company over, guy who was into competition smoking in Memphis for 10 odd years.. He said they were awesome. biggrin.gif

I'm sure he was just being nice.. and he could have done MUCH better.. but he did go back for seconds.. and thirds.

On to the butts.

I should have done my homework before the butts. I will admit I've ignored each and every butt post up to today. I had no idea I was in for such a long haul. It was a 10 lb'er, but as I was dry rubbing it, it fell into two pieces. I thought it would be a quick easy 6-7 hr smoke..

Well.. I just pulled them off and they are resting after 10 hours. I'll pull em in a bit and let ya know how they were after dinner tomorrow. Maybe by then I'll find my camera.
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Sounds like all turned out well. I really don't get the part about dry rubbing and it fell into two pieces. Was it tied together in chunks?. I don't mean to be rude but you did apply the rub before smoking? It is probably a typo or its to late for me. Glad all worked out well and impressed the pro to boot. GOOD JOB
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It was a boneless butt.. and it was wrapped in a net..

I cut the net off, and blotted it dry, and started rubbing it down.. and it was two pieces instead of one.

I just assumed they were all like this?
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Sounds like a good meal. Makin me hungry.
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The boneless ones I buy are like this also. Threw me off the first time too.
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So what's best?

I'm thinking of doing a butt soon. Should I leave the net on or cut the net and smoke in two halves?
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I'm sure others will be here soon enough to tell you (and me) whether it's best to take the net off or leave it on.
I took it off having no idea it would be two pieces.

When I did find the two peices in there.. I thought "bonus".. it'll be faster to cook 2 5lb peices.. rather than 1 10lb chunk o meat.
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Certainly faster to take the net off and do two smaller ones.
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