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sat. qview

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a little qview fr/ yesterdays smoke. butt, loins and first try at wings.turned out pretty pics of finished wings,went to fast !
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It all musta went fast cuz I see nuttin'!
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I was kinda thinkin the same thing.
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no pic's it didn't happen grilla!
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darn, now puter wont show qview. haaa
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sorry word, VISTA. not used to it. this is as big as I could get-em.wish I still had xp. vista is horrible.trying to make larger. sorry for experimenting on the site !oops all pics got erased forever.frisbee time
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Da** computers, why so hard. I'm sure it was yummy.
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gorillagrilla, it still looks awesome!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Thanks for the Qviews!
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