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Smoke from Friday

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On Friday I filled the smoker with 4 butts, 3 fatties (2 plain and one stuffed) along with some beef stew meat and pork stew meat. The stuffed fatty was filled with eggs and cheddar cheese. (sorry, no pics of it. It disappeared too fast)

Here are the two plain fatties and the beef stew meat.

And this is the pork stew meat.

I'm not sure what the stew meat is going to be used for, but right now it is vacuum-packed in FoodSaver bags.

And here is the first butt that was done. The others weren't done until well after midnight and I was too tired to mess with the camera.
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Looking good Terry! Starting to give me the shakes, I didn't get to smoke this weekend - traveling to visit the wife on Wednesday, smoking on Tuesday to take her some. Have been making myself crazy looking at everyone's weekend smoke!!
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Looks damn good.........Great job..........
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Terry, Looks nice. Eggs in a fatty sounds great. How were the eggs prepared before going in?
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We did kind of a soft scramble with the eggs. I've heard some folks have used raw eggs, but that seems to be that it would make rolling the fatty up a tricky process.
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Good lookin qview!! Every thing looks really great.

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Terry it looks awesome! Bet the stew meat was tasty...hadn't thought to try that!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Ya keep posting Q-views like this and I'm driving up there to eat with you. Nice.
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eggs in a fatty

I've done them with hard boiled eggs, well I guess kinda soft boiled and then finished cooking with the fattyicon_rolleyes.gif
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Fantastic idea with the stew meat. I bet using it in a stew would make a fantastic taste sensation!!
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