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1 st Canadian Bacon

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Well yall, started my first canandian Bacon today. Brinin it in the followin:

1 5 pound pork loin trimmed
2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 Tbs Jalapeno Powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 C Morton Tender Quick
2 Gal water

Here's a shot of the pork loin gettin ready ta go in the brine.

Will brine fer 6 days, then rinse and go on the smoker. Will post Q-View as things progress.
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heck yes!!!

I cant wait to see the results! Take notes, I wanna know how!!!!
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This won't be your last one.I started smoking Canadian bacon with cowgirl's recipe about 3 or 4 months ago and have never run out yet.When I start getting low I start getting another loin curing.
My wife and I eat it every morning,great stuff.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
Looking forward to more of your Q-view.
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I agree Tip, it won't be your last-as we type I have a few #s of belly in the smoker-have plenty of canadian still in the freezer-member to rince well and soak if nec.slice a hunk off and fry to taste.good luck.
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thks for putting up the brine, i been seeing some pretty nice canadian bacon latley and it is already on the list. keep us posted on how it goes which i pretty sure you had already planned
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yep, cant wait... have to have you get me started one of these days... looks good so far
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Good luck with the CB! I have a big loin in the fridge that will be my first CB. Pi$$ed at myself for not getting off my butt to brine it in time for my upcoming smoke Tuesday night.
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Looking forward to seeing the end result.
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I only did the one so far and it is reall good. That reminds me to take another pack out of the freezer. Good Luck and good smokin...........
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Don't pull our leg now.
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?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ...........!
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Canadian Bacon, Update!

Pulled my canadian bacon outa the brine this mornin, hopin ta getter on early, sliced a piece off and way to salty, so, I'ma soakin it fer a bit ta pull somea that salt out, then onta the smoke! Will have q-view asin this develops!

Taste is really good though!
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I had the same problem with being too salty
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Yea, they do need soaked for awhile. I also change the water every once in awhile.
I need to make some more.....
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Here it is just before goin in the smoker.

Bout half way thru the smoke, sun didn't hep that shot none!

Here it is outa the smoker, bout 5 1/4 hours a smokin time ta get ta 160*

Sliced and ready ta be packaged.

This batch has very good taste, but it was still a bit salty even after a 2 1/2 hour soak. Will have ta adjust fer the next batch.
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Tip, those loafs of canadian bacon look great! Even though it's a bit salty, may be really good with some eggs!!!
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good lookin can. bacon tip. looks like ju got a nice cure on it. grt job
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Dang good looking lean bacon Tip-ain't used tender quick-just my buckboard cure for all my bacon and after a soak I never have the salt prolem-great job!
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Trav, that bacon looks great.
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Dang good lookin vittles, dang good lookin vittles indeed. Tip, your cure looks like it went right to the center and the bacon looks great. NICE JOB
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