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Happy Mothers Day!

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To all the SMF ladies, hope you have a great day!
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Mr. Porky.....Thanks!biggrin.gif
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I'll 2nd the happy mothers day to yall!
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Happy Mothers day to all the ladies and mothers on the smf...............
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my Son always sends me a "Happy Mothers Day" card. I got custody of him as an infant, 26 yrs ago. He's 27 now and never forgets his dear ole "Dad-Mom" or "Mom-Dad".

It means a lot to me.

Happy Mothers Day!

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Your welcome, and may the smoke gods bring you good eats o' plenty
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After eating ramen noodles for lunch, I decided to have a cold beer and smoke a duck for looks good so far. smile.gif
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mom's day

happy momma's day to moms and mr moms everywhere..........even dads are partime moms, at the least..a cold one to all----cheers...
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