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Another Mom's day smoke with view

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Two fatties, 2 bologna's (1 two pound and 1 5 pound) and two racks of ribs.
Pulled the fatties and the small bologna (and had lunch lol) now just waiting fer dinner
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Looks good. What did you put in the fatty?
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Hashbrowns, kicked up eggs (egg with Italian Essence of Emeril) (side note...don't buy the Italian Essense same stuff as regular Italian seasoning for 4 times the price lol) and some colby/monti jack cheeses.
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Got the full meal deal in therePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Agreed with the Essence. I just stick with the original.
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That fatty really looks good!
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Looks great smohk!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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WOW! That fatty does look great!
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good lookin grub man, how did the Bologna turn out?? Smoke penetration?? I know some folks score them for flavor and smoke pene, just wondering, what to try it myself someday.
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Mighty fine vittles indeed!
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I got a little ahead of myself and kinda forgot to score them. They are MUCH better scored and ALOT better smoke penetration. DO NOT skip that step like me.. oops.

Oh well live and learn (and eat the mistakes)

Here are the ribs when I pulled them from the foil. Do I REALLY have to wait another hour??? lol
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smohk, Nice work! thanks for tip on bologna. also, I always want to eat the ribs before that last hour too.
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Well, everythings done and I have two hours to wait. This sucks. I had been having trouble keeping my temperature up so I've been smoking stuff longer. I figured today would be the same but I guess I figured out how to control it better. lol Any tips for keeping this warm without drying it out???
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Looks damn good............Wrap in towel and put in a cooler........
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Last one. (After I ate of course lol) Thanx to evryone here for the tips, tricks and suggestions. There aren't any leftovers (dammit) for me to pick at so I guess it was pretty good.
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Well smohk looks like things were a success. Nice job. Sure the family loved it.
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Good Job Smohk
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Sounds great!! I'm going to have to try the bologna sometime.
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A breakfast fatty!!! That's so cool.
Since I usually start my smoke before 5 am, I could throw on a breakfast fatty and it would be ready around 8 am for breakfast!! Lovin' that idea!!
Thanks Smohk...I'm already looking forward to this weekend!!
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I always cut a couple bones off the end for a little snack before putting them back in PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif.
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