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Check out this BEAST

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Was driving down the highway, saw this on the side of the road. Dude wants $2495. Mama has other ideas for our tax refund, or I'd have hitched it up yesterday!

Guy said it was a 300 gal tank, didn't ask how many sq in of rack space, but I estimated 16 butts would fit on each rack.
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that is nice esp for the price! Party Q, party Q, wheres the partyconfused.gif
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ha. as thick as the metal looks you would need a tracked vehicle to pull it home.. that thing is kool. buy it and lie like H--- to the wife about how much ya paid.. my lord unless ya had a big no huge family. that thing would cost a fortune today to fill with meat.
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That would be a nice rig to have if you were doing catering. For the price I would say it's a good buy from what I've seen.

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Wow! Wish that thing was closer ta me! That there would be a nice rig!
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The lawnmower in some of the pics has a 2" ball hitch. He said he drug it from the shop to the yard with that!
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You got a phone # for that beast. I'm intrested.
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That is a beast,I don't know about 16 butts per rack, but I bet 12 would be a real easy fit, but with that many racks, my god, you would be KING!icon_smile.gif . I agree on the catering rig. Has alot of space on that trailer for a grill up front, and some nice storage.Probably need a box storage box for the wood this rig would eat! Looks like its pretty stout as far as the construction.
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Man, there must be something in the water. A good friend of mine just added this to his lovely house and deck.

I pretty much taught him how to smoke ribs so I am looking forward to his next bash. He's got one heck of a party house. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Really Cool!

I like the different levels, deck and ground!
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WOW!! Dear Santa.....
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Damn that is a beast..................... Love the deck smoker too............
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I'd want to fire it up first and see how it heated up. May be just the pic but it looks like the firebox is a little on the small side given how big the cooking chamber is. I've cooked on a friend's cooker that looks similar and it's a battle when the firebox isn't big enough.

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Flash - that is an awesome looking setup your buddy has. Is it fueled by wood/charcoal only, or does it have a propane hookup? I'm not familiar with rigs of that size and was curious.

As the others have mentioned, very impressed with the dual-level access!!!
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im inspired my creative juices are flowin, now all i need is the adress of the beast, and a split level back yard.
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Nice rig. Flash, ur buddy's smoker is cool also.
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That's a sweet lookin rig! Love the firebox directly under the main tank
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That firebox looks a little close to the wood deck (might just be the angle of the photograph). Might need a little baffle and/or flashing to protect that wood deck and house (yikes!).
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Looks llike a winner. I would have been tempted to have a split fire box and cooking chamber so I could heat each one independantly . Of course that is one heck of a cooker as is.
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A damper and/or plug might have same result (might already be there for all we know).
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