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Chicken Jerky

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A friend of mine had in his freezer for about a year a block of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. He dropped it off so I could thaw,trim and slice. When thawed it weighed 17 pounds, after trimming fat and alittle freezer burn it ended up being 12 pounds. 1/2 was done with a premade (shore lunch brand) jery cure and seasoning. The other my friend wanted to make a brine for. They both turned out good although the brined was a bit salty. In the pic the bottom right side of the smoker cooks alittle faster so about half way had to move some to the top. It only took 1 1/2 hours at 200 degrees to get each batch just to where they had alittle give to them.

This is the first batch prior to taking out.

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Interesting... and I'd think you did it right as far as hi temps for jerky, using poultry and all. Looks like my wife's last attempt at grilling breasts ;{)
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I thought about jerky chixn just have'nt tried it. U Did a good job, looks good
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It looks alittle darker than it really is, cept for the ones on the upper deck
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They look good White Cloud. That's one thing I have not tried, chicken jerky...
Is that your new smoker?....looks good too!
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Lookin Yummy WC
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Yeah, the second time that I have used it. Once you get it warmed up it's real easy to hold temp. I just need to tune it in on the firebox side.
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It looks nice White Cloud....looks like lots of cooking space.
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I ended up soaking the brined chicken for three hours. After trying again today it was way too salty. Its better now.
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