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Butts and ribs today

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With the rain Tuesday night I as the wife to get something out to smoke today, too wet to work in the fields. She got out two butts and three slabs of ribs. Buela is working as I type, the butts are recieving her attention. Will put on ribs later as br. and sis. in law are coming for supper. Try to remembe some pics.
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Sounds like fine vittles!
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Nice to be in good company Short One, I've got the butts going as we speak. Throwin' on the kielbasa later.
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Thanks fellas, put some burgers over the firebox for dinner and put the ribs on. With the internal firebox you can grill over it and smoke on the sides.
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A few pics for starts.
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Thanks for the pics, SO. I've joined you and CinKC with smoking some butts this weekend. The air smells so much better with TBS in the air!
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That's so cool!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Welcome to the butt brigade!! biggrin.gif
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Thanks CKC. I stated on my first post that I was dooing two butts, but they were 9 to 10 lbers so I cut them in two to cook faster. That's why there are 4 butts pictured. Mrs. says butts rock.
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Hey...Short One icon_smile.gif, looks good! I got a couple smoking too biggrin.gif. I gotta get some pics up soon.
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