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I discovered this method just before I did my first brisket. I only had to get up once in the middle of the night which was nice!
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Looking forward to the q-view.
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Thanks for the modified method - I will be sure to try it that way next time!! I'll be curious about what temps I'll be able to get it up to that way - but I'll never know until I try!!
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KC, looks great so far! Now I'm hungry!biggrin.gif
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Butts and kielbasa off, wrapped, and in the cooler...more q-view to come soon. Dinner's around 6:30.biggrin.gif
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Woman after my own heart. Two of my favorite things, Charbroil silver users and redheads!icon_wink.gif I have a real good carolina /vinegar based sauce that I use only for pulled pork. Its my wifes( she's a redhead too) favorite. If you would like, I can post the recipe, I have posted it before if you want to search. It goes on the sandwich, not in the meat!

Good job on todays smoke. Lookin forward to the final view!
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Lookin great.
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Wher are the pics??
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I would love it!! Thanks!!
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Final Pics

Here are the finished products! I used SoFlo's finishing sauce and Cowgirl's Chipotle Slaw. I also made Dutch's Mahogany sauce. The whole meal was fantastic! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and advice everyone. Another successful smoke!!
Thanks again!

P.S> Had pulled pork and kielbasa for breakfast!! biggrin.gif
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KC...that looks awesome! Thanks for the ideas on how to use that slaw...I'm gonna try it.biggrin.gif
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Great lookin grub there. So between mustard and no mustard which one had the better taste/bark?? I tried mustard on two butts this weekend but had to basically cook them in the oven as pit would not come up to temp due to 40 mph winds so do know if I would really tell.
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You know, it didn't even seem a factor. The big difference we noted was finishing sauce vs no finishing sauce. Everyone said not to put it on, just to leave on the side, but then I took about half of a butt and put the finishing sauce on as I was shreading. Then made everyone try both, and they had me add finishing sauce to all of it!! :0-)

Maybe I didn't have enough mustard? I don't know, but I really didn't see or taste a difference in the bark between the two.
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Guess what's for breakfast? Pulled pork and scrambled eggs...yummy.

Kind of like a version of machaca and eggs...really yummy...who knew?
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KC, you shouldn't see any taste diff in the mustard or amount of mustard. The flavor cooks out of it anyway. Mostly, all it is for is to hold the rub on better and to help the butt bark up better.

Good looking grubb !! Nice work. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
So how was the mahogany sauce? I've been meaning to try some.
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Mahogany sauce was great! It's one of our favorite sauces now!
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