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Can a brisket be pulled?

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smoking my first brisket and was wondering if it is possible to pull it like pork if cooked to 195-200 degrees? ive done pulled pork about 3 times and thats all i know really. im going to use a baste of apple juice,cherry juice and jim beam. does this sound correct? ill try to post pics for a q-view if i can figure out how since im newbie. thanks for any comments or suggestions.biggrin.gif
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should i be smoking this thing in foil or just put in foil and wrip in towels to put in cooler to reach 200-205.what temp should i pull it off the smoker? Its at 116 now
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You will want to smoke it out of the foil until around the 160º ish range (some go to 170º) then foil and take the brisket up to the 200º - 205º temp stated by T-H. After that let it rest, such as in the cooler, before pulling the meat.
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ok thanks guys, ill take pics and try to get them postedicon_smile.gif
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Do you guys sear it first?
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aj - I've seared and not seared. Either way is good. If you use the searing method found here, the brisket will be smoked in a pan, then eventually covered until it reaches temp (or feel). If you haven't tried the searing method - you need to at least once to compare the flavors.
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Good luck on your brisket smoke, Addict. From what TH and PigCircles mentioned, the process of pulled brisket is almost like pulled pork.

Let's see some Q! PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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just pulled it off at 170 and wrapped in foil and put back on,5 1/2 hours to hit 170 sounds quik to me but i cut it in half. took some pics but ill get it when finished too .. am i on the right track here?icon_smile.gif
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Why did you cut it in half? I never cut briskets until they have rested after being smoked. I always slice the flat, and pull the point. My wife likes the sliced for her sammies, and I like shredded for mine.
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brisket was a sucess, cut it in half prior to putting on smoker. was only going to do the bigger half ,then decided to do both with different seasonings. would have gotten back sooner but my company showed up last night and didnt have power this morn.
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Your kidding right???
Wheres the pics?? icon_evil.gif
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No pics then it didn't happen. biggrin.gif
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Yummmmm, pulled brisket! Actually it sometimes is more like just stirred or mashed and only the bark is tough enough to need pulling or chopping. My favorite use for pulled brisket is Mexican style dishes like giant buritos or chimichangas or chili rellenos or tamales. Aw shucks, who am I fooling, the truth is that I can't shovel good brisket into my mouth fast enough, no matter what!
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