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My Name Is Richard,i Love To Smoke Food! My Smoker Is A 550 Gallon Tank That I Have Fabricated Onto Trailer , It Has 24 Square Feet Of Smoking Surface "wood Or Charcoal"!!! I Feel That I'm Inbetween Just Learning And Pitmaster!! But I Have Never Cooked A Whole Hog! But That Is Going To Change Saturday! I Have 50lb. Pig On The Way!! Any Suggestions?
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Sounds Like A Good Day. Good Luck With Your Whole Hog.
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Greetings Richard and welcome aboard!
Sounds like you've got yourself a real smoker there. Be sure to let us know and see how your hog turns out. You should have a real feast. Good luck.
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Welcome aboard and glad you found us...............Sounds like a heck of a smoker....................
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Welcome to SMF Richard,don't forget to take pictures ,we like to look at everyone's Q-view.biggrin.gif
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Howdy Richard,

I've done a couple hogs in a pit before. I had problems because I was venting some of the heat out and I shouldnt have.

As for smoking on a large smoker. I think there was some good advice already given. Hope everything turns out and have fun.
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Welcome to the SMF Richard!! Sounds like you have some good info already that I can't think of anything to add except for maybe the temp., we kept ours at 225 all night and it turned out great. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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