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Smoked stuffed pork loin cooking time ?

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Hi All
I am wondering if one of you could tell me how long I would need to smoke a 5 1/2 lb Pork loin that is stuffed with sausage @ 250 Deg to get it to 160 internal temp.
I have it all ready to go for Sat And I need some insight for what time to start it
I am using a masterbuikt electric digital smokehouse
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A probe thermo should be in it after the 4th hour, but if you go 1 hour a pound in a unit that can maintain temps (I assume the electric does) then I would shoot for 5 hours, plus 2 hours of cushion for when it "hangs" or "sticks" at like 152 for over an hour.

If it hits your target early, wrap in foil and place in cooler.

If not, you have a nice cushion.

2 hours in the cooler will not cool it down all that much. Wrap in foil, then in towels.

Let us know your results
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Hey Dannich, Keep Mental Notes Of How Your Smoke Goes. I've Pulled Them Off At 5 Hrs. But Going To That 6-7 Hr. Has Always Made Mine Better. Only My Opinion. Not A Pro. I Use A Cb H2o. Good Luck.
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Chicago Bill has you covered. Good luck with the loin. I've made that several times and it's delicious. It also makes a very nice presentation. Good luck and rely on your thermometers instead of the clock.
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Oops, I didnt read properly. I missed the "stuffed" part of the header.

Apolopies to Dannich and Richtee.

I've been here for ages, but love reading since you guys cover the answers before I get here.

So Dannich, my take away from this thread is, let temp be your guide, not strickly time, but use the 2 hour cooler cushion time when planning a party.

I answered with respect to guests. I always shoot to be ready 2 hours early, with ALL meats.

My guests don;t care if its KCBS tug quality, or fall of the bone (in the loin case, break apart pork goodness)

My point was, extra time is better than less.

Sorry if I muddled the answer

Good luck Dan!
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