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Thursday Smoke

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Sorry should have posted Thursday.

Here goes had two 7#bone in pork loins one I trim out and debone the other left whole to make pulled pork.

Pulled the debone pork loin at a internal temp of 148 "wife" wanted it cut up thin for pork chop sammy during the wk.

the othe was pulled at 160 then wrap and finish at 200 towel and wrap for
two hrs then pulled.

toss in a rib for myself

almost did not get some for myself, Wife said to tell ya'll that it's as good as it look.
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Nice lookin spread Butch ... looks like you got a nice deep smoke ring as well .... thanks for sharing , got me drooling for some pulled pork and ribs PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Vittles fit for a King.
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Man, that sure looks good Butch! Never sliced a butt, thinkin I might have to!
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thought it was a loin.........not a butt?
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Lookin back WD it was a loin. Thanks for conditioning my mind and my body! Butch sayin he was gonna pull one got butts in my head I guess...
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most loins i like to turn into candian bacon..........never smoked a plain loin before............mite have to give it a try
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