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cowgirl's UDS

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Thanks to Bubba's inspiration, I think I am finished with my UDS...at least for now. biggrin.gif
A big thanks to campi, cajun1 and invaderQ for your help...I really appreciate your help via e-mails and pms.

Due to me being gone so much, what should have taken a few hours ended up taking weeks.....PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif Now I hope I'm home long enough to try it out. smile.gif

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Cowgirl, that is a nice looking custom rig. Excuse my ignorence but what powers it? I see what looks like a valve at the bottom, I assume propane. But you know what assuming does.

Excellent job.
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Cowgirl, Great job on the UDS!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
I've been thinking of building one myself. Can't wait to see it in action. When's the first smoke??
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Thanks TMW and Stacks. :)
It has an expanded metal shelf in the bottom to hold hot coals. The ball valve is under the coal rack for air intake. I used this method on the firebox on my smokehouse and am really happy with how it works.
Got the idea from Bubba.biggrin.gif

Stacks...I hope to break it in this weekend.smile.gif
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Looks great Patty...
Probably wont need those plugs in the exhaust, you'll need most of em open.
Is there more than 1 intake?
Like your rolling base! wink.gif
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Yep...there are three nipples and the one valve. Just like my other firebox...I like that set up

I thought about just doing one 2" exhaust hole, but that hole drill bit was so much fun......I went for 8 smaller ones..lol
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The rollers are awesome along with the side tray!!!!wink.gif

Can not wait to see that in action!
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Thanks Chargrilled!
I was VERY happy to find out that it was easy to roll over gravel and grass to get it to it's final resting place.
I've skunked myself more than once by building something that was too heavy for me to handle.redface.gif Guess I'm learning.
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Good lookin UDS cowgirl. Are you going to christen it this weekend?
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Great job as usual cowgirl.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice........much nicer than Bubba's wink.gif
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Cowgirl, that' one impressive setup you got there! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow, Looks Like a work of art. Can't wait to see the Q. Very nice Job.
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I vote to rename it a P<retty>DS! Nothing about CG is "ugly" ;{) Especially her impressive fabricating skills!
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Nice job Cowgirl. I like your excuse for all the exhaust holes.
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Looks Great,

Nice Job Patty, What kind of bit was it? A vari-bit or holesaw---I love those vari bits, they are just awesome!

Promise you will show us her in action? CAn't wait for the pics!!
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Nice looking Rig

Great looking rig CG. Very nice job you did on it. I see you have your favorite beverage right where it belongs. wink.gif I just know you will have many great smokes on your new smoker.

Happy Smokin

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Great Job Cowgirl! I think you should've painted it pink then it could be a (as Richtee said) PDS two ways. Hope to see some pork butt on that thing soon so you can see how efficient it really is.

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Great job patty-It looks Real nice.
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