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New Member in Va.

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After lurking (and learning) for a while I signed up. Got a new smoker on the way and I'm looking forward to it. I'm a hunter and make my own sausage/jerky, etc. I'll post up some pics of my first smoke if I can figure it out.

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Glad you came out of the woods and joined us here! Posting Q-view is actually quite easy, check this thread:

As you have probably figured out, we love Q-view!
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Welcome from another Virginian, glad to have you here.
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Hey, welcome southern brother! You'll like this place and learn the other styles of cooking/smoking are as good as the southin' kind too. Grew up in VA but live in MO now. Miss the country hams and the peanuts.
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Welcome to the SMF family.
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Hey Flyfish, good to have new hunters here. Look forward to the Q-view of the wild game. Best of luck.

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Welcome to the forum RMP...looking forward to your Qveiws and input!
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Welcome to the SMF!
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