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Welcome Austin!

You Cincy area guys talking about Montgomery Inn, Burbanks, etc has me missing the place (don't get me started on Graeter's)

Spent 2 years of weekends in your area, in the SE section called Amelia

Just called home to ask the wife to be sure we had 2 cans of Skyline left in the cabinet. Its the only way I can get it in Chi-Town (canned sauce only, not the sauce w/pasta)

Anyhow, Welcome!
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I had that happen last Sunday. I had about 10 lbs of brined chix breast in the electric smoker but forget to put the drip pan under the drain hole glad my patio has a cement floor, and the cat likes chix juice.
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How's it going up in the windy city? Yea i know where amelia is i am located northeast of Bethel. I thought that they had skyline with pasta in the freezer section. I could be wrong and probably am. If the wife were here she would know. hey just cook up your own vermicelli, chop up some onion, grate some cheddar open a can of beans and heat up the canned stuff. cover real good in hot sauce and a cold brew. and don't forget the oyster crackers and cheese coney with mustard and onion better make that 2 coneys all the way.
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Yes, they have Skyline in the freezer section at Meijer, but like you said, about cooking your own pasta, is the way to go.

The outlaws moved from Amelia to Indy, which I could get cans from both Marsh, as well as a new Skyline location opened there.

I also miss the Drive Thru liquor stores in Cincy (was it call the Pony Keg?)

My kid was born in the hospital in downtown Cincy (think it is University of Cincy affiliate). She's 9, and hates Skyline, probably because she ate 2 Coneys everyday for 6 months through the umbilical chord ;)
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LOL. Skyline's okay, but your missing out if you haven't tried Goldstar. Goldstar blows Skyline out of the water IMHO... Skyline is the staple of Cincinnati but Goldstar is starting to the give them a run for their money. Skyline's at the Great American Ballpark (Reds) and Goldstar is at Paul Brown Stadium (Bengals). Check it out next time your at the store or when visiting the 'Nati.
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Oh, I partake in the Cincy chili wars on each visit!!

Yes, I enjoy Goldstar, but Skyline was more of a convenience factor. Closest Gold Star was way up on Ohio Pike (32?).

Any props given to Empress chili? I have had that when in the Hamilton area.

The waterpark at Riverbend, and Kings Island only had the Skyline concession when we were there last.

I hope to make it back there this summer.
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Skyline is the McDonalds of chili!!!

I cant believe I am in florida getting into it about chili!!! Eating my oyster crackers and hot sauce
GOD I MISS OHIO!!!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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GO BARONS!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Speaking of chili, We have a place in Maumee Oh and in T-town call Tony Packos. TO DIE FOR CHILI. And their hot dogs ain't to shabby either. There more like sauages. Good and spicy!
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Never did I thinK I was knocking Amelia

I was married there

I love Cincy in general. I call it Little Chicago

There are all these neighborhoods and such.

I am a big fan of Cincy, and I lived through the whole Johnny Bench Way reconfiguration fiasco downtown.

I love your town
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Its a great city. I was down there last night for the Reds game. And yes, we did have skyline coneys!

One of the biggest mistakes the Reds made was building the ballpark on the river. We could've been even closer to "little chicago" when the building plans were in effect for Great American Ballpark. The two options were either on the river or right in the heart of downtown, just like Chicago's Cubs stadium. Great American would've been better away from the brown river IMHO, somewhere near Central PKWY or up Main st.

Anywho, I'm building a Guide to Smoking binder filled with recipes, instructions, tips/tricks, and anything I can find that has to do with teaching someone to smoke meat. Feel free to give me some links that might get me some good info.

Thanks guys/girls, this site is the best!

Almost forgot, here's some qview from my first smoke as promised.

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I knew you werent....just havent heard "AMELIA" used in a sentence in about 10+ years.....
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Welcome to the smf.............
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Hi everyone,

WOW ,,, great place

i was looking information for the smoking meat recipes etc.. and came across this place...

thanks to everyone for providing nice information and links here...

take care
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