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What a sweet looking pile O pork! Great job on the drum!
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Mmmm Bubba! Outstanding Qview!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The drum and the butts look great!

Great job!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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"No bummer with a Drummer" ?
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I keep meaning to ask, how do you guys mount the intake pipes on your drums (sorry if you posted somewhere, but I couldn't find it)? I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get on board and build me one. Drums are pretty easy to pick up around here, so I guess with the components, it's gonna run about $40-50. Will probably make that up in bags of lump after a few weeks.

Thanks for sharing Bubba! I will warn you though, if I build one, you know I'm gonna put the temperature control system on it.....even if it doesn't need to do anything. That way I can write the project off in know...the geekwithfire R&D boys have to be thorough!wink.gif
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Bubba, great lookin' drum,excellant lookin' Q.
question?? lower intake hole(s) i see only one on this unit,is that right?

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Intakes are drilled out with a 1" holesaw and a 3/4" nipple threads right in!

I am already thinking about a stoker on a drum, could you imagine the possibilities?!! biggrin.gif

Nope, theres 3...
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When I built mine last week I didn't trust just threading the 3/4 nipple in. I used, for lack of correct term, the retaining rings for conduit pipe, inside and outside. See pic.

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Nice....and inexpensive.

I'll be a good boy and try it first with the ball valve. But I'm thinking that since the drum does such a good job on it's own, it could probably be maintained with just a cheap PC fan in a box with a gravity flap (I tried just the fan on the CG, but I like the servo/fan combo better on the horizontal.....probably cause it leaks like a sieve). When the fan is off, the flap is air....just like Rock does with his draft fans. I'm trying to figure out how to make the control system work with a printer port on a computer so you guys can use the software without having to buy the semi-expensive hardware.

Anyhow, not trying to hijack your thread, but thanks for the information.
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I second that. I'm going to build one myself and would love to see a "tutorial" and parts list (with type of material) all in one place if you would be willing to share.

For anyone in the Philadelphia area my buddy works for an Italian foods importer/distributer and he has 10 barrels of olive oil coming in from Italy in the next 30 days and I can have them (minus the olive oil of course). I'm keeping 2 for myself and 1 other for another friend to build a UDS. If you want to pick one up for free just let me know.
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Now thats a great offer!! biggrin.gif
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bbq bubba, I see you have a UDS with what appears to be a single intake that comes out and the '90s' up the side with a valve. What size pipe is that and how do you like that as opposed to (2) 3/4" intakes?

I have the (2) 3/4" intakes at the bottom and it works well, but I am considering closing those and putting either inch and a half or 2 inch pipe up the side with a valve or adjustment of some sort. Purely for aesthetic reasons I guess.

**maybe it wasn't you but I'll leave the question stand for anyone else that it applies to**
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I HAD a unit like that, heat control was such a pain in the azz i ripped it off and went back to the lower valves! icon_rolleyes.gif
I have seen a couple guys have success with a large intake (1-1/2 or 2") but old reliable is still the best i think!
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Great looking smoker...................
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Thanks bbq-bubba, maybe I'll just stick with the tried and true way as well.
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