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Will my ribs be OK???

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Hey all, doing back ribs for the first time tommarow... got up this am to pull that shinny stuff off the back of them, only it would only come off in really bitty pieces... sad to say I gave up and rubbed for in the mourning... it seammed so thin that i couldnt even get a little to stay together.
will they still eat??? and is it possible that the thick stuff has already been removed by the processor..I know dumb rokkie question, but help would be appreciated.
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no idea where you got the ribs but, yes it is possible that the butcher removed the outter membrane.

If you are pulling off membrane and the bones are being exposed than the outter is already gone and you want to leave em alone.

Hell rub em and smoke em, all mistake are still ediblebiggrin.gif .

Good luck and I sent you a PM.
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Don't worry about it. biggrin.gif
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Chargrilled is right on. The membrane that you want to pull off is a very thin, almost transparent film. If you're into the thicker white membrane that when removed exposes the bone, then the outer one has probably been removed .... although I've found this to be the case rarely. Go ahead and smoke them up. I'm sure they'll be fine. And do let us know how they turn out.
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Yup, sounds like the skin has already been get to smokin! wink.gif
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fireguy -- Sounds like you are fine here. FWIW... something that really helped me figure out how to get the membrane off (like TX-HTR pic) was to find a How To video via google. (some have posted links in the SMF as well) There are many out there.
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Hey fireguy, very possible the membrane has already been removed, if all yer gettin is itsy pieces it ain't gonna hurt nothin anyway, all the membrane does really is add a bit a "chew" to yer ribs. Yall be just fine, smokim, eat em and don't worry none bout it. May the smoke gods smile upon yer cooker!
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thanks guys, any other pointers??? otherwise will be sure to post the results.
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Make plenty - They are addictive.
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I second that! Can't have too many ribs. I smoked some baby backs a few weeks ago and I had people over I aint never seen before.
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Sounds like they will be fine. Better some some this way to be surebiggrin.gif Only pointer I have is perhaps spritzing them with apple juice and rum. I will be doing some ribs tomorrow and thought I'd use up the leftover juice and rum from last weeks smoke.
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End results with Q-vue

Well, gottem done... smoked around 225 using 3-2-1 method. rubbed with jeffs rub, Spritzed every hour with jd-applejuice. made some wicked beans, slaw, and fried mushrooms.... all tasted great... was a bit disapointed on the tuffness of the ribs, one rack was perfest the others were a bit tuff. Apparently the film I was trying to remove was still on them. well have to try again to improve them, well heres the Q...

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Hey fireguy, them be some tastey lookin vittles ya made there! Sometimes that just be the ribs, some are more tender then others, coulda been the membrane. Did ya move yer ribs around in the smoker? What I mean is, there are spots in the smoker that are hotter then others, so I move my ribs from rack ta rack durin the cook time to help even out the temp spots some. Looks like yall cookin on a horizontal, but would still move em round from spot ta spot. I think yall did just fine!
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That film can be a tricky lil' thing to get off.

It all looks good tho, i've attempted ribs a few times with varying degress of success, none with the results i wanted .....

Hey, just means we'll have to practise morebiggrin.gif
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hey guys, apon a closer look into my tuff, but tastey ribs.... as i eat the left overs.... it seem that the toughnes or chewy film is almost in the middle of the meat. Is this a usual thing to have a membrane in the center or what... hell i dont know, maybe im reaching for an excuse... I just keep thinking about my delema. thanks
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They look great !!

when you foiled did you seal up tight and put some of you're spritz in with the ribs ??
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Hey, Ken....thanks for wearing a shirt so we don't have to look at your hairy belly, like in qview from certain other SMF members....don't wanna mention any names....(*cough*WD*cough*).....eek.gifbiggrin.gif
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