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Resetting Et-73

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Is there a way to do a quick reset, when the smoker goes above or below the set temp? For example, I set the low smoker temp for 225, the smoker temp drops below 225 and the alarm sounds. Is there a way to reset the alarm without having to reprogram all the temps back in?
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Other than getting your smoker back in the temp range, I don't know of one. Actually, I was rather annoyed with last Saturday as well.
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LOL I was wondering the same thing.. I have looked at the papers that came with mine and didnt see a way to rest it other than run it all the way out the top and let it start all over again.. That is the only down fall I have with the ET-73....
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I did the same and did not find a way to 'snooze' it.PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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If you just want to turn the alarm off, just hit the start stop button one time!

I always set my low temp to 190. My high temp is usually 250-260. But I pat quite a bit of attention to my stick burner, the extreme numbers work well for showers, or internet time!
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Doh, I knew it had to be something! I thought I had tried everything correctly, too.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I pay quite a bit of attention to things considering I have an electric. Hence, my thought to take on fire management and get a drum or offset or whatever. (the kids, etc make this a challenge I might regret, though)
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I'm sure I tried that and that it wiped out the temps that I had programmed
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Capt, Dan - Ok, I must be slow. I had the same thing happen as Grinder above here. I just have not had time to follow it up. By the way, my chicken flare-up on my ECB 'toasted' my smoker probe so I had to order two more.
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Ok. I am definitely a slow learner but figured it out this weekend once and for all. You hit lower RH side button to re-set the alarm when needed. I was hitting the center button. DOH.
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