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Dude....that is a Cherry!!
Can't believe you waited 2 years to chop that baby down...lolololbiggrin.gif
May even be Black Cherry, heres my cherry score from last weekend!

By imn88fan
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Crud, the more I look at it, the less like Cherry it looks. I was taking the yellowish colored things as blooms. Are they not? But, typically, cherry blooms are at the end of a fairly long stem, which don't look like that.....

Kinda looks like river birch leaves, but not the bark.....
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Doh, looks like birch, but bark doesn't match. Should mean it's a beech tree.

Lets see if I can find pictures of beech trees.
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this is one of the two trees it COULD be...........these are tree limbs that fell out during a wind storm........the main trees are still standing

these are the seed pods of the tree i DON"T think the wood is from
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I looked at several pics online, and I'm sticking with Beech(for what it's worth from a botanist and former FFA member who has forgotten the vast majority of things he ever knew).

Do a google image search for Beech Leaves and see what you think.
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no nuts packin.............just googled it
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plus it looks like beech is not normal in the central mid west....more towards the eastern part of the country..........
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By the leaves, it looks like elm or cherry. Elm is asymetrical at the leaf base, cherry is symetrical. Also, in some cherry species, male trees do not fruit. I'm thinking cherry.
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There is a black cherry, usually what they make furniture with it don't bear fruit as far as I know and they get big. 50 60 feet.I will call a freind who does some lumbering and let you know.
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not normal dude, but are more common than one would think, sold many of them in my day.
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The beech around here have a nice smooth bark. The kindda bark for hornbirds to carve ther initials in.
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deff. not a smooth barked tree for sure
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i was thinking elm.........cept the elm was killed off here in iowa YEARS ago...memeber the dutch elm disease?..........wiped most if not all out
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Elm also has small, round, flat, papery fruit that is in clusters. Be careful, if it is elm, it is NOT suitable for smoking food.
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Ok I just called the guy who does some lumbering and he said it sounded like black wallnut, with the bark I described. Or cherry, if the bark looked like a bunch of potatoe chips stuck on the tree. He says black wallnut has alot of tannins it making it unexceptable for smoking but cherry would be cherry.
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The leaf in the bottom right of the first pic looks like cherry from a distance....but in the second pic it looks like elm.

D88de, elm still grows in the midwest...they just don't get as big anymore. My brother took one down this winter that died off last year...about 15" diameter....it was a white elm though....and the wood didn't look like your pics....so, I guess I haven't really been any help to you.....sry....PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

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Looks like what I call Chinese Elm, and from what you said about the seed pods, I also think its in the Elm family.
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I agree, and we have ALOT of elm in IOWA Dude
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